Assembly Instructions:

1. Pull the first rope by aid of the needle through the lower third of the foam ball (head) in diagonal direction. Do the same with the second rope, staggered by 90°.
2. Pull the ends of the ropes to the same length and make a double knot in a distance of 2-3 cm on either side of the ball. These knots serve as upper fixation points for the wooden vertebrae.

3. Thread the 5 wooden vertebrae one after the other on the ropes, the notched wooden vertebra comes at the end.
4. Make a double knot on either end of the four ropes. These knots serve as lower fixation point of the wooden vertebra at the end of the model. Good to know: as the spinal column is moved via the muscles, the ropes are arranged around it.

Pull the foam parts which serve as intervertebral discs between the wooden vertebrae and align them. Good to know: the function of the discs in our body is similar to a sponge; they fill with body liquid while we are sleeping.

6. Your Wirbelinchen is now ready to use. If you want to, you can give it a nice face and woollen hair.
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