Back Training Rules
1. Move your body and your spinal column!
2. Check your posture! Moving and standing or sitting upright shall alternate.
3. Do not bend over but squat!
4. Do not lift any heavy objects!
5. If you have to carry heavy loads, distribute the weight on both sides of your body; carry the load close
    to your body, secure your pelvis and spinal column by neither making round shoulders nor a hollow back.
6. When sitting, straighten your back; check the position of your pelvis; your legs are slightly spread apart
    and the hips slightly higher than the knees. Support your upper part of the body with your hands
    or a suitable back of a chair.
7. Do not stand with straightened knees, change the free leg.
8. Do not lie with a hollow back or with round shoulders; when lying use a knee
    or a neck bolster from time to time.
9. Train, the best activities are swimming on one’s back, running and biking.
10. Daily stretch and build up your back and abdominal muscles.
11. Control your body weight.
12. Check your surroundings (work place, kitchen, chairs, sport devices, bed...)
      or its spinal column friendliness.
13. Relieve your back by moving in short pauses and by doing relaxation exercises.

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back training rules